Powerpoint Snakes and Ladders

I am always looking for innovative ways to teach my current year 13 ICT students, and help them remember their topic through different teaching and learning experiences.  Being a visual learner myself, I create lots of visual teaching and learning material for all my students.
So I decided to produce another PowerPoint with a difference – a Snakes and Ladders Quiz, complete with a random number generator, coloured counters and the Quiz Questions.

I  created an interactive Powerpoint Snakes and Ladders, which links in to a Spreadsheet with a dice.  Using RANDBETWEEN(1,6) and Function 9 key to “roll the die”, students answer questions in the Spreadsheet on end of Unit test questions.  The two programs are hyperlinked and the coloured counters on the Powerpoint attach themselves to the cursor on a mouse click.  I have trialled this with students in years 8, 9 and even 13 for a fun learning experience!  They all enjoyed it, and it created a buzz in the classroom amongst students, especially those who won!


22 comments on “Powerpoint Snakes and Ladders

  1. Wow, I loved your blog!
    I am very curious about your game because I am a Brazilian Nursing Student, and I need to make a very similar game to a college project. Could you help me? Any little help will be very useful!


  2. Hi, love your work and very eager to know how i could possibly make my own, would it be OK to tell me how to design my own step by step or just send a copy of yours, I teach teenagers English as a second language and having such a game will give them the privilege to enjoy and learn English at the same time, i would really appreciate it if you help me out here, this is my email .mnyork2@gmail.com .thanks

  3. Hi, i am really love your creative idea.and i wish to make my own too.would u please teach me how to design my own snake and leader game?i really appreciate your kindness for sharing this powerpoint.i would like to create stress quiz using this powerpoint.my email is hairunisah85@gmail.com.thanx🙂

  4. It looks a brilliant powerpoint. Would it be possible for you to send me a copy too. I work with kids on the streets and this would be a useful tool to help young people think about consequences. Thank you.

    • Hello Tony, you can download my PowerPoint Snakes & Ladders ppt (and anything else of interest) from my box download area on this website. Thanks for your comments.

      • Hi, your game looks great! I see you told Tony that one can download it from your “box download area” on this web site – help, I cant find it 🙂

      • The box widget is above post and pages on the right. Maybe try viewing in a different browser – Firefox. It is visible – honest!!

  5. Hi Anne, I’m looking to create snakes & ladders game where you click on the dice & it flips to a number then the players can click on their counters to move them the correct number of spaces. Also hoping to be able to have some boxes with things to click on for information (hyperlinks to other places/webpages) is this what you did?x

      • how did you form a link between excel and powerpoint so that the dice could be clicked on in powerpoint? when i downloaded your box widget item it was the same as mine seems to be in that the dice couldnt be clicked on in the powerpoint slide. my dice “rolls” when in excel but not on the powerpoint slide!!

  6. hi anne, Love this,
    are the files you need to run this in your downloadable content? if not can you please send them to me

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