Using Gliffy with Year 13 ICT students

Today I trialled GLIFFY with my Year 13 ICT students.  One of the comments, from the boys, “This is cool!” 

Gliffy is an online diagram software program, which contains some excellent library images.  We only trialled the free version, which allows you to print your diagram – this was useful as a revision aid for later on.  Saving/exporting and even sharing was not allowed, unless you sign up for the Premium Account, but after trialling, it is worth checking out.

Other diagrams to create include: Floorplans (Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, etc.),  Networks (Home and Business), plus others.

Another colleague within the Faculty, who teaches Construction, is also interested in trialling this sofware.  He said that it could be a very valuable asset to the Diploma in Construction to assist in producing quick sketches of floor plans – he will investigate further.

Star, Ring and Bus Network Topologies Diagram by Meg, please click link:  Meg’s Network Topologies Diagram


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