School Filtering :(

Being an enthusiastic Teacher of ICT and all things techie, not to mention a Tweeter!  (I am learning lots of new innovative ideas within Education, and am keen to try them out).  Unfortunately, too many of them are filtered or our school network can’t handle them.

Today, I was going to trial PBWorks in Education Wiki, and create an on-line learning environment  for my Year 7 and 8 students – filtered.  Next I thought I would set up Edmodo which is a secure social  learning network for teachers and students – filtered.  @lagerama sent me a brilliant  link to some educational games and quizzes at Sitehoover – won’t load anything.  Spelling City is a program I used a lot last year – filtered.  VOKI was used last year – filtered.  There have been other Web 2.0 applications that I have been keen to use and are either filtered or just won’t load.  It just seems too much of a battle at times!  What’s the answer? 😦


2 comments on “School Filtering :(

  1. Depends on whether you have a managed service or not. If you do then you will have to go the service provider but if in house then it is your network manager. Either way I would be armed if all the educational evidence and reasoning for having these unblocked and how it hampering the education of your students. I am more than willing to provide support if you need back up

    • Thank you Nick. I will provide my evidence and speak to the powers that be, because I am becoming inceasingly frustrated at our College network. You put in so much effort on planning inspirational, creative lessons, they might work on your teacher account, like iconscrabble, but not on students’ accounts. Then time is wasted, you lose the class and the lesson fails. (I speak from recent experience!) Will keep you posted.

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