Comics in the Classroom

Comics in the Classroom are a great way to improve Literacy and they appeal to visual learners.  They can be adapted to suit any subject within the curriculum, not just ICT.  I am about to start teaching Sequencing to year 8 students, and thought of introducing comic book strips for them to produce their own “How to” guide in a fun, learning way, before using Scratch or a similar program, and instead of just using flowchart symbols, which would not have the same appeal!  The students could use some comic characters and text bubbles explaining “How to make a cup of tea!”, or “How to use a mobile phone to send a text message”.  I am not sure which comic strip program to use yet, (one that isn’t filtered!), but if you have any ideas, I would welcome your suggestions.  In the meantime two online programs I have found that look good are:

The Official Super Hero Squad LEGO Comic Builder


2 comments on “Comics in the Classroom

  1. We have recently started using Comic Life in school and the kids absolutely love it. Very easy to use, great sound effects when stretching the frames and adding speech bubbles and such like and generally very fun! Also, we have the PC version in school but I was able to buy the Mac version for home at about £12 so not the most expensive piece of software either.

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