Scratching around!

After about 18months trying to persuade the powers that be at College to let the ICT Faculty install Scratch on the network, it has now happened, and students can start learning to .  Myself and two other colleagues are looking forward to learning Scratch and teaching this to currently year 8 students, as part of a Sequencing project.

The good news about Scratch is there are two download versions, one for PC and one for MAC, which is great because at school I am PC and at home I can’t live without my MAC!

As part of my learning process and finding out about Scratch I have trawled the net looking for suitable learning resources, and there are lots.  So I have collated a lot of good resources on my blog to help others who are Scratching around for good resources!

I have collated the following resources  to help me get started:

ScratchReferenceGuide pdf | a 14-page guide explaining the Scratch interface
pdf | a 14-page book with very clear, step-by-step instructions (in my
Scratch Help Screens | a web link to each of the 8 coloured Scratch blocks
#ictcurric Resources | engaging, innovative Key Stage 3 ICT resources
Scratch Cards | 2-sided card, showing technique and blocks, cut out and fold
Scratch Resources | lots of em!, new sprites, sounds, tutorials

more to come …


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