IT Ambassador Scheme

I recently enquired about teaching and learning resources/assistive technology to aid deaf/hearing impaired students, because in September a year 7 deaf student will be joining us, (at a large Secondary College), along with his full-time signer, and I am interested in working with him, and supporting him in ICT.  I received a reply from BT who are currently looking to work with teachers/students/young people to mentor/support deaf/hearing impaired students.

I wanted to share this information on my blog, details of which are below:

The IT Ambassador Scheme, run by British Telecom (BT) which is entirely free of charge, offers safe and secure curriculum related on-line mentoring for young people, aged primarily at the 14-19  age group, and supporting teachers, and students in ICT, Computing and Business Studies.

In essence, the scheme provides students with on-line mentors (professional BT staff), who can support their studies.

Although you may not know it, telephony and broadband are only a small part of BT – as a global communications company, they serve customers in more than 170 countries and have an IP network that connects over 1,270 cities around the world – they provide networked IT services to many of the world’s most respected brands, such as Unilever, Thomson Reuters, Microsoft, Pepsico, Fiat, Novartis, AstraZeneca, BASF and Deutsch Post DHL and BT. IT Ambassadors are keen to share their knowledge and experience with teachers and students across the UK.

At the moment BT are actively seeking teachers/schools that are working with hearing impaired students to explore with them how the IT Ambassador Scheme might best be used to support the students.

For further information, I have uploaded two documents, provided by BT, namely: Ambassador introduction_3.pptx and IT ambassador info V2_2.pdf

If you currently work with deaf/hearing impaired students in the field of ICT/Computing, I would be keen to hear from you and share ideas.


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