Women in Technology are still facing a glass ceiling

At the end of last year, Intellect’s Women in IT Forum and womenintechnology.co.uk teamed up to undertake a survey about the thoughts and opinions of women working in the UK’s technology profession. They originally ran the survey in 2007 and four years on now have comparative statistics that are available in their 2011 report of ‘Women’s Careers in the Technology Industry’.

Women still account for less than 20% of the Technology workforce in the UK and too many women leave or simply don’t return after starting a family or taking a break.

The survey details why it is, so that work can be done towards making a positive improvement in the number of women working in technology roles.

Before embarking on a Teaching career in Secondary Education, I worked in industry as a Computer Programmer and loved my job and the role I had as an Analyst/Programmer.  I left to start a family and then went into Teaching ICT.  I would like to see more girls study “A” level ICT or Computing because we are a minority, and feel that it is still seen as a subject for boys, because the Computer is mainly associated with playing games, which is evident in the lunch time clubs at our College.

Check out the report – it makes  interesting reading.  Women’s Careers in the Technology Industry 2011.  I would be interested in reading your comments.


One comment on “Women in Technology are still facing a glass ceiling

  1. Very interesting article perhaps an opportunity to relaunch cc4g but with a clear objective to engage girls in real ict

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