Classroom Blogging Internationally

I am looking at different programs to use for Classroom blogging, which I plan to use next year. I only managed a week with Edmodo before it was filtered!  I am exploring Posterous, but need to find some fun and interesting templates.  Just checked out Twiducate and tried it out with a teacher friend.  Thank you @spx8jkb.  Seems quite good and private, only thing is managing student account details, which seems a bit time consuming.

Since I joined the eTwinning website a few months ago, I have had three contacts from schools wishing to work with me in ICT.  Schools in France, Italy and Switzerland, which I am very much looking forward to, and am currently working with them to plan individual  International projects.  The school in Switzerland is also keen to do an exchange.  Voicethread would also be a good program to use, because students could listen to each other, which would help them when learning the language.

I would like to hear from you please on which blogging sites you would recommend/suggest/try. 🙂  Thank you.

Thank you to @digitalmaverick – forgotten about edublogs!


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