Using a Google Website for Teaching and Learning

Its the Summer holidays, at last 🙂 and a time for relaxing, chilling out and not thinking of School, and I will enjoy my long awaited Summer break, but I must just tell you about creating a Google website as a teaching and learning tool for your students.

In the new academic year I will be introducing my new year 9 and 10 students, who will be working on the OCR Nationals Unit 1 2010 spec, my Google website.  I particularly liked the Classroom template because of all the brilliant pages it has to offer. Below I have listed some of them and the reasons for deciding to create a Google website.

The features in the Classroom Education template are:

Homework page – very useful for the introduction of our new whole-school Homework Policy starting September 2011
Class Announcements – I like this facility because important details from the school calendar can be highlighted
Calendar – great tool for sharing with my students, setting deadline dates for coursework/homework.  It has a built in “reminder” either by sending emails or a pop up message
Forms and Docs – this facility allows me to add files for students to view or download
Reading List – this page allows links to be added, naming the author, title and description
Poll – you can easily create your own Survey
Links – you can add weblinks, listing it by Subject and giving it a description

plus others too many to list,  not forgetting being able to embed youtube videos, and collaborating real-time using Google docs.  It is so easy to set-up, use and modify – why not check it out.  I’ve included samples from my website below – still working on it!  If you are a Googler, please share.


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