PowerPoint Scrabble

Back in January of this year I posted PowerPoint Snakes and Ladders which is an interactive Snakes and Ladders game linked to questions in Excel, for students to play in pairs.  It is still a very popular post and is regularly being downloaded.  Therefore, I thought I would design an interactive PowerPoint Scrabble which can be played in pairs, small groups or even individually (although not as much fun!).  Each letter has been assigned a number value and depending upon which square the letter or word is placed on the “board” it is worth points.  The grid size is 10 x 8, and there are many occurrences of popular letters.  I have not yet trialled it at school but have played it at home with one of my daughters (she won of course!), and I have also asked a friend to trial it and he gave it the thumbs up too!

How to play: PC only, enable macros, just click a letter and drag, click again to place it, start off on the star, words can be displayed horizontally, or vertically, or you could make your own rules!

It can be downloaded from my “box”.  If you do try it, please tell me what you think.


7 comments on “PowerPoint Scrabble

    • It is the Flash Widget on the right hand side of page. About half way down the webpage.

      Make sure you have up to date browser/flash. Maybe if you try viewing my blog at workplace/school, flash widget/box maybe filtered. It is at our school!!

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