Back to School September 2011

Well the long Summer is over.  A new year starts.  New students, new ideas – are you ready for the new challenges that lie ahead?

This year I have decided to introduce and use Google docs in my teaching.  I am currently working on three Google websites: namely key stage 3  (years 7 and 8), GCSE  (years 9, 10 and 11), and GCE “A” Level ICT.  I have chosen Google docs so that students can easily collaborate, access from home, and the ease of use in creating the website and tailoring it to my style of teaching.

On every home page I have embedded a school calendar that includes project and coursework deadline dates and other important College information.  There is also an Announcements column and a Homework column that students see regularly on loading the website.  Files can easily be uploaded and students can post comments to share.  You can check out a post I added recently on the use of Google docs here.

I am also using GAMES more in my teaching, because it can reinforce learning and can engage students more.  Check out Zondle to create your own bespoke games.  Another games site I have embedded in my websites, (can only be created on a PC), is from Content  Here you will find some free games to download and tailor them to suit your lessons.

Finally, I will be using Knovio Presentations in my lessons too.  This is a free web tool combining a PowerPoint presentation with a video running alongside it.  Why not check it out for yourselves.  If you are working with deaf students (like a good friend of mine) and using Assistive Technology, then I would strongly recommend Knovio because you can sign your lessons, alongside your presentations.


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