Skyping in the Classroom

Skyping in the Classroom.  Why isn’t there more if it?  Last year I joined e-Twinning which is a European website connecting like-minded teachers wanting to work together internationally.  As an ICT Teacher I posted my school details online, with an interest to work on any project involving ICT – emailing, e-buddies, pen pals, skyping.  For quite some time I heard nothing, and even forgotten I had signed up.  When suddenly, I have now had 3 inquiries from teachers in Europe wishing to collaborate on a project.  One teacher from Italy.  One teacher from Switzerland and one teacher from France.

I have tonight skyped a teacher from France, who I am now working with on a joint English/French speaking project.  Nothing really to do with an ICT lesson, just using the technology!  We plan to classroom skype in mid November, and having met tonight online, can now plan our joint lesson.  The French students are very excited about the prospect of skyping English students that will give them an opportunity to practice their English.  I just hope my year 9 English students are as keen!!

I would also like to Skype countries outside Europe.  So if any readers are interested, please drop me a line!  In the meantime, check back before Christmas to find out how I got on Skyping with a French school.


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