Behave you little devils!

I’ve only just discovered this program, and it is such fun.  I plan to trial it after the long-awaited half-term break!  Class DoJo is a real time Behavior Management program.  You need to sign up and register and then just have fun.  It is also available as an App.

I have experimented with the “demo class” setup to try it out.  The program works in real time – you display your class names within icons projecting on the whiteboard, and select either a positive or negative award eg a positive: hardwork, or a negative: no homework.  (There are 6 positives, 6 negatives to choose).  This is then displayed momentarily on the screen and added as a point to that student.  The best bit is using it remotely from your smartphone.  Student reports are also generated could be very useful.  (Individual or whole class).

It is definitely a “must try” resource.  Class DoJo



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