Learning Journeys

This week I have been trialling Learning Journeys with my year 7 and 8 classes, and loved the classroom discussions that they have generated.  What are they?  Well I discovered them from The Learning Spy, they could be starters (which I have been trialling) or used as plenaries (which I plan to trial).

At the start of the lesson I projected a single PowerPoint slide, titled “Our Learning Journey today …”, followed by 4 or 5 various images representing the lesson.  I exported the slide to Word with lines below and issued each student with the handout.  They then had to decode the images and write down their interpretation with regards to what they thought they would be learning in the lesson.  I then chose students to read out what they had written.  Some of their answers were very good and descriptive, and it generated lots of classroom discussion.  It worked especially well with less able students who were able to learn some keywords, and describe the pictures.

This week I plan to ask the students to find their own images to represent their learning journey, and then feed it back to the group, as a Plenary.  I suggest you give it a go, you will be pleasantly surprised how focussed the students are and what fun it is.  Try decoding the slides below and then check answers with learning objectives.


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