How do you Spell IT? Literacy matters.

Literacy across the Curriculum is an important part of students’ learning, and for a lot of students these skills are poor.  They are not very good at capital letters when typing their own name and nouns.  Is this because they text most of the time?  Although research says otherwise. Student’s also need to proof read their work and should always be encouraged to use the built-in spell checker  before printing out.  I also try to encourage my ICT students to use the thesaurus to extend their vocabulary and learn some new words.

To help with literacy within our school, I introduced Spelling City and the English Faculty became very interested in using this within their department.  It is a program that we regularly use within our ICT Faculty.  Students’ have their own individual accounts and their progress can be tracked as they work through the exercises, tailored within each subject, for their needs.  SEN students can also practice their handwriting skills, using the printable handwriting sheets.  It is a program that is very popular particularly with year 7 and 8 students.

Another program I have just read about, thanks to @chickensaltash is Read, Write and Think.  There seems to be some very good resources available on this website to check out.

This week we are working with our English Faculty and year 7 and 8 students to partake in the Global online Spellathon, which is a spelling bee aiming to raise money for Mencap.  Why not check it out and perhaps enter the Competition too!


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