Connecting Classrooms

Connecting Classrooms - Europe

Since visiting Aachen near Dusseldorf in Germany (9 – 11 March 2012), on an e-Twinning contact seminar, school has been very busy! e-Twinning is about Connecting Classrooms, working collaboratively with schools in Europe on joint projects.  It is not just about languages!

On 3 October 2011, I wrote a post about Skyping in the Classroom – year 9 students speaking French/English, and this joint project was through e-Twinning.  After attending a weekend course finding out more about e-Twinning, I returned to school buzzing with lots of ideas.  I have now set up three joint projects with schools in Europe.

Project 1 : involves 3 Countries: England, France and Poland – using email with year 7’s to chat to French students, and Polish students.  They will introduce themselves and ask some very basic questions to their European partners.  English and French language being very limited, and Polish students communicating in English to French and English students.

Project 2 : involves 2 Countries: Belgium and England – using French and English with students ranging from year 9 ( 14 years ) to post 16 (up to 18 years), through written communication.

Project 3 : involves 2 Countries: France and England – using Skype for speaking and listening skills, with year 9 students (14-15 years), current ongoing project.

Perhaps my projects are more about language, although working with a Polish school is only using the English language.  Other successful projects created and developed by e-Twinners involve 3 Countries, Spain, Poland and Germany all working on a Science project studying the Earth’s Gravity and analysing the different results.  Another project involved students sending/receiving food parcels between countries.

Connecting Classrooms - Global

I personally think that more schools and subjects should work jointly on projects worldwide; thus creating a more engaging Curriculum and give students an opportunity to find out more about each other in different countries, and share their experiences. This opportunity is now so easy through the use of Technology and Social Networking.


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