Games Console Design Cover

Xbox, PS3, PC, Wii.  My year 8 students (14 year olds), are currently working on a fun ICT project for the Summer Term.  Their task is to design and create a modified version of an existing Games cover, or to design and create a new Games cover for any Games Platform of their choice.  It is a 4 week project – well that’s all the time we have left to work on this task!  They have been provided with a net that they will use for their cover.  Print it out and make up the net when finished.

Rather than use the Graphics programs available on the school network – Macromedia Fireworks, Serif DrawPlus, PaintShop Pro, and PagePlus, I have encouraged them all to try an online graphics program namely Pixlr.  They spent today’s lesson working on their design and learning the program for themselves by sharing ideas and tips.

There was a lot of excitement at doing this Graphics project, especially as the focus was Games!  “Games” is filtered at school, so I directed the students to the Amazon, Games website to get some ideas.  I think this project is one to be revisited with other groups!


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