Origami in an ICT Lesson!

Origami in an ICT lesson!  Learning is fun.  My year 7  (11 – 12 year olds) students found it fun today and were totally engaged throughout the lesson.  My group of 26 students are a mix of all abilities from SEN to Gifted and Talented students.  So I thought being the last lesson of the year, I would try out something new, with an intention of using it, if successful next year.  I got the idea from Innovate My School.

As you can see from some of the examples created by my students it was a successful lesson.  Firstly, students followed instructions step by step on how to make the origami puzzle.  They then spent about 10 minutes researching the Internet and their looking through their folder to see what work they had done in ICT during the year – this helped them find suitable questions and answers.  For example, some students focused on spelling ICT words.

On the outside flaps were either numbers or colours.  Inside were numbers to chose from, and then the ICT questions.  The lesson lasted an hour and all students were engaged and buzzing!  They tried out their puzzles on me and the Teaching Assistant, and demonstrated a lot of learning throughout.  I would definitely recommend this 1 lesson project as an excellent Teaching & Learning Resource and/or Revision aid.  Suitable for all ages.


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