Learning Journeys using Praise Action Response (PAR)

Well this is my first post since last year!  The Summer term.  The new term seems to be busier than ever, hence my lack of blog posts.

One of the many new initiatives that have been introduced into our School this year (from September 2012) has been the introduction to PAR, Praise, Action, Response.  I have recently trialled it with a year 7 class.

What is PAR?  (Well apart from more work!), it is a way of formatively assessing students’ work.  As a teacher you write down 1 or 2 praise comments in the “P” box, followed by some action points in the “A” box.  Students then reply, using a green pen!, in the response box “R”.  You have to then check student responses because if they have asked a question, it will need a reply.

I decided to include my PAR responses onto a Learning Journey sheet, and in addition asked students to write down 3 key points.  1 point on what they had learnt, 1 point on what they could remember, 1 point on how they would use use this skill outside the classroom.

My learning journey sheets have had a positive response from SMT, although the newly implemented PAR initiative, in my experience, is a time consuming task – the  only positive to this was that I was able to get students to copy and paste comments into each box, from a bank of comments that I made available to them!

If you wish to trial my Learning Journey year 7 PAR sheet, it is available to download from the box widget.

Have you got a similar initiatives in place at your School?  Comments welcome.


One comment on “Learning Journeys using Praise Action Response (PAR)

  1. Wow, that seems a tad cumbersome to say the least. I would seriously question the longetivity of such a scheme. It would seem to me that your management will need to keep the pressure on for a long time to ensure it is conitually, regurlarly and consistently implemented.
    Why doesnt education look outside the box more often and/or turn something on it’s head. Gamify the situation for instance. Wouldn’t that be lovely.

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