“A2” ICT Quiz Cards for Revision

A2 ICT Revision Quiz Cards After being inspired by @_jopayne who produced a set a Geography quiz cards for a year 11 revision   session, I decided to create a set of 24 A2 ICT quiz cards, based on the WJEC specification.  I plan to print them out on card next week at school, and give each of my “A” level students their own pack.  They can then have a go at asking each other the questions. I might even include one or two joker cards to add a bit of fun to their revision session!

I also plan to produce a set of cards for my year 10 GCSE ICT students – maybe some students could produce their own questions based on past exam papers.  If you use the cards I have created, or produce your own, please let me know, and likewise, share.

Here is a dropbox link, or alternatively the cards can be downloaded from the box resource on this website.


Sharing resources using Pinterest

As a Secondary school we are currently using Pinterest to share Teaching & Learning resources.  Visual is much more appealing.  Why not check out some of the innovative ideas we have been trialling in our school, and click the image below.

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 19.12.06

Learning Journeys using Praise Action Response (PAR)

Well this is my first post since last year!  The Summer term.  The new term seems to be busier than ever, hence my lack of blog posts.

One of the many new initiatives that have been introduced into our School this year (from September 2012) has been the introduction to PAR, Praise, Action, Response.  I have recently trialled it with a year 7 class.

What is PAR?  (Well apart from more work!), it is a way of formatively assessing students’ work.  As a teacher you write down 1 or 2 praise comments in the “P” box, followed by some action points in the “A” box.  Students then reply, using a green pen!, in the response box “R”.  You have to then check student responses because if they have asked a question, it will need a reply.

I decided to include my PAR responses onto a Learning Journey sheet, and in addition asked students to write down 3 key points.  1 point on what they had learnt, 1 point on what they could remember, 1 point on how they would use use this skill outside the classroom.

My learning journey sheets have had a positive response from SMT, although the newly implemented PAR initiative, in my experience, is a time consuming task – the  only positive to this was that I was able to get students to copy and paste comments into each box, from a bank of comments that I made available to them!

If you wish to trial my Learning Journey year 7 PAR sheet, it is available to download from the box widget.

Have you got a similar initiatives in place at your School?  Comments welcome.

Staying Calm during Exams

Well it’s the Exam season again, and the last few weeks have been very busy for all teachers.  Preparing students for exams, marking endless coursework, both GCSE and A Level!  So I have put together this little PowerPoint, Staying Calm during exams (available from the Box).  It could be playing as students are entering the room – why not add some music! 🙂

Thoughts and Crosses (Blooms)

OXO. Thoughts and Crosses.  Remember noughts and crosses the game?  Well this is an Educational Teaching and Learning resource using Blooms Taxonomy.

Using the Template (available from my Box), create your own squares on any topic, my example was “A” level ICT Human Computer Interfaces.  Choose a keyword in each square and link it to your topic task or question.  Students then choose any 3 squares using the different higher order thinking words.

A tried and tested resource with my post 16 students.  (My HCI example above).

A New Look for room815

I don’t know about you who read my blog regularly, but I have been getting a bit fed up of looking at the same site layout, colours theme etc. so I’ve just updated it, and have produced “sticky posts” on the header of my blog which have been favourite posts by a lot of my readers, and to make viewing access easier. The three most popular blogs of 2011 have been PowerPoint Snakes & Ladders, Making Spreadsheets Fun, and Using PowerPoint to create a Mobile Phone Quiz; all  have been downloaded many, many times.  It would be great to receive comments on these resources, and find out what you’ve been using them for, and were they successful.

Learning Journeys

This week I have been trialling Learning Journeys with my year 7 and 8 classes, and loved the classroom discussions that they have generated.  What are they?  Well I discovered them from The Learning Spy, they could be starters (which I have been trialling) or used as plenaries (which I plan to trial).

At the start of the lesson I projected a single PowerPoint slide, titled “Our Learning Journey today …”, followed by 4 or 5 various images representing the lesson.  I exported the slide to Word with lines below and issued each student with the handout.  They then had to decode the images and write down their interpretation with regards to what they thought they would be learning in the lesson.  I then chose students to read out what they had written.  Some of their answers were very good and descriptive, and it generated lots of classroom discussion.  It worked especially well with less able students who were able to learn some keywords, and describe the pictures.

This week I plan to ask the students to find their own images to represent their learning journey, and then feed it back to the group, as a Plenary.  I suggest you give it a go, you will be pleasantly surprised how focussed the students are and what fun it is.  Try decoding the slides below and then check answers with learning objectives.

Starters, warm-ups, endings!

This is a link to a variety of javascript games and puzzles.  There is a good selection of puzzles for students to have a go at, and make them think.  They would be good starters, warm-ups or endings to a lesson.  Click any image below to link to the page.

PowerPoint Scrabble

Back in January of this year I posted PowerPoint Snakes and Ladders which is an interactive Snakes and Ladders game linked to questions in Excel, for students to play in pairs.  It is still a very popular post and is regularly being downloaded.  Therefore, I thought I would design an interactive PowerPoint Scrabble which can be played in pairs, small groups or even individually (although not as much fun!).  Each letter has been assigned a number value and depending upon which square the letter or word is placed on the “board” it is worth points.  The grid size is 10 x 8, and there are many occurrences of popular letters.  I have not yet trialled it at school but have played it at home with one of my daughters (she won of course!), and I have also asked a friend to trial it and he gave it the thumbs up too!

How to play: PC only, enable macros, just click a letter and drag, click again to place it, start off on the star, words can be displayed horizontally, or vertically, or you could make your own rules!

It can be downloaded from my “box”.  If you do try it, please tell me what you think.

Hands and Heart Starter

In an attempt to engage students at Key Stage 3 I have been using this Hands and Heart Starter.  (It can be downloaded from this blog, should you wish to use it too!)  It can be adapted for any subject, not just ICT, for example, name 5 Pasta Dishes, name 5 European Countries, which Country would you love to live in and why?  I have used it both on the Computer and printed it out for students to write on.  It is just a fun starter and something students remember!