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ICT should still be part of the Curriculum, and introduce COMPUTER SCIENCE …

If IBM has made announcements about supercomputers they are building for 2018/19 that will be ‘exascale’ – that is, capable of generating a million trillion calculations per second – with all the consequences for scientific innovation and technical advance that this will bring, and the children who are in primary school now are going to have to look for jobs in this world, then why is ICT not part of the Curriculum, and why is Computer Science not being introduced into all schools?

In 1984 I studied Computer Science and have worked in this field since.  Firstly, as a Computer Programmer before becoming an ICT Teacher.  Today, I am still as passionate about Computing/ICT as I was then, but do not feel that students learn much through the Teaching of ICT courses because it is so dumbed down, and would welcome an opportunity to teach Computer Science and integrate ICT business skills.

You can read the article in full here.


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